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On ecological board innovation, I will serve him

2018/01/07 20:31
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  At present, the plate industry in China has encountered a bottleneck in its development. Traditional solid wood plates are solid, durable, and healthy, but their cost is high and the market sales groups have limitations. The over-pursuit of low-cost, composite boards made of inferior materials cannot guarantee quality and safety performance. How can we be more cost-effective? That is to allow ordinary consumers to get affordable security, but also to protect the profits of sales businesses? Various production R & D manufacturers combine advanced foreign technologies and are making unremitting efforts. As the leading brand of eco-board, Fu-cat has been receiving much attention from the industry. Recently, the brand launched a third-generation eco-board again with high attitude. It has been widely praised by the industry for its “high-standard, high-standard, and high-cost ratio”.
  It is reported that the products of the Fu cat will be listed on the market, continuing the first generation of ecological panels waterproof, moisture, the second generation of anti-fade, anti-ultraviolet radiation and other advantages. At the same time, pioneering and innovative, the first use of high-density diatom as raw material, strengthen the net aldehyde effect of the plate, truly green, environmentally friendly, safe and harmless. It not only increases the “greenness and safety” of building materials, but also has practical advantages. The three generations of eco-boards from Fucat also highlight its advantages. It solves the disadvantages of poor water-proof and moisture-proof ability of traditional particle board and medium-density fiberboard, which is easily damaged and not easily repaired, and overcomes Plywood can not be directly pressed melamine difficulties, truly free paint, labor and time.
  High-quality third-generation eco-boards have been widely used in fields such as wardrobes, cabinets, children's rooms, and office furniture, which require high safety and environmental protection materials. Its high quality, won the recognition of consumers and businesses. In terms of quality, Hong Kong Fox Cat has always been pursuing “conscience materials”. In terms of color, the brand caters to the needs of the modern masses, and invites well-known foreign design experts to create diverse lines and shades according to fashion trends, bringing more contemporary features to the market. The mainstream plate.
  In line with the core concept of "One Board, One Commitment," the Fox Cat brand has a good reputation for its quality, and sales have extended from the country to the global market. To meet the urgent needs of global consumers for high-quality building materials. At the end of 2016, the company will set a new factory integrating research and development, production and sales to settle in Linyi, the logistics capital, and strive to build the largest production area of ​​local plywood. At present, the new plant is about to be put into operation. The advantage is that it will fully increase the degree of automated production! The new generation of color matching and mashup solutions will also be on the market, which means that the third-generation eco-boards with the advantages of “environmental protection, practicality, and cost-effectiveness” will break the bottleneck of the industry and be used in more fields to benefit from global consumers!
  Blessing cat promises: An exquisite blessing cat ecology board can enjoy life. The brand will abide by its promise, be honest, and take quality first! Create conscience building materials for consumers and win together with distributors!