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  Linyi Fumao Decoration Materials Co., Ltd. is a company born on the shoulder of a giant. Carrying a "choose once, enjoy life" commitment. Linyi Fumao integrates natural materials and traditional arts into the pioneers of environmental protection and energy-saving materials, and interprets the connotation of green building materials.
  The company's team has 20 years of plate manufacturing experience, professional R&D and innovative spirit. From the procurement of raw materials to the delivery of up to 100 manufacturing and control processes to customers, we can provide you with a full range of quality base decoration products. Each year, dozens of new products that represent the latest trends and trends in the industry, with unique elegance and artistic charm, create a comfortable and satisfying home environment for consumers, and become the vane of the industry.     
  In 2010, Linyi Fumao pioneered “ecological board”. Compared with traditional home improvement board, ecological board has many advantages such as waterproofness, environmental protection, labor saving, time saving, money saving, colorful colors, and so on. Fu cat people always use this for thousands of households. A good plate is your responsibility.
  In 2011, eco-board inject new vitality into the sheet industry, and industry giants have followed suit.
  In 2012, the “Blessing Cat” brand was rated as the most growing brand in the domestic furniture industry by the China Building Decoration Association.
  In 2014, the first online panel competition of China's wood held in the first online media of wood industry, China Wood Industry Network, Fucat was honored with the top 10 eco-board brands.
  In 2015, Linyi Fumao was honored as “Top Ten Brands of China Ecological Paint-free Board” in the national brand market selection campaign.
  As the founder of the eco-board, the quality of the diamonds, the most growing brand, and the top ten brands of the 2014 China Eco-Board, a series of awards witnessed the development of Linyi Fumao and also witnessed the use of Linyi Fumao. Core" road. Today, Hong Kong blessing cat has developed into a "golden signboard" for Chinese eco-board.
  The staff of Linyi Fumao strives for excellence, and creates a good “core” attitude to serve customers. “Good core and good life” is the business philosophy that Linyi Fumao has never abandoned. In the fierce competition in the market, Hong Kong Fox and cats are forging ahead, constantly researching and innovating, and marching toward the direction of environmental protection. Whether it is now or in the future, Hong Kong Fox Cat, as a benchmarking company, will continue to lead the healthy development of the industry.